My Personal Bio

I have strong passions for family, health, sports, the outdoors, change, and growth.  When I’m not with my family or in the office, I’m an avid skier, cyclist, mountain biker, climber, triathlete, and surfer.
After years spent pursuing these passions, I’ve had my fair share of injuries and recoveries along the way.  From these experiences, I have come to understand the value of doing (and getting back to doing) the things one loves, as well as the challenges that arise along the way.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada with a strong grounding in sports science, fine arts, and business.  I later chose to do my chiropractic program at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.  Throughout both of these degrees I passionately worked in Whistler as an internationally certified ski instructor, coach, instructor trainer, and course conductor for 12 years.

My beautiful wife Sara and I celebrated the birth of our wonderful son Derek on Valentine’s Day, 2014.  We are both coastal people and truly enjoy what Vancouver life offers.  Centered in Vancouver, we spend a lot of time in Sechelt in the summer and Whistler during the winter, getting the best of the mountains and ocean.