Last weekend we were away and my wife, son, mother-in-law, and father-in-law were all quite sick. After two rounds of chiropractic treatments in two days, Sara suggested that I write a blog article explaining how chiropractic care can help with colds, sinus congestion, ear congestion, and lung congestion.

There are no magic treatments for anything in life, but it is amazing how effective techniques that facilitate your natural processes are in enabling our immune response. Like homeopathy, naturopathy, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and osteopathy, chiropractic has a great capacity for facilitating your immune system.

There are two main approaches to feeling sick, colds and chiropractic:

1- Directly enabling the area such as the sinuses, ears (yes we can adjust the ears too), neck lymphatics, and lungs:

With the direct approach, we can use surface techniques such as sinus drainage and lymphatic drainage in conjunction with an ear adjustment and a vacuum pump of the lungs depending on how someone is presenting. The techniques are all gentle (I have used them on clients, my baby, and my wife), however the tenderness of the person varies depending on their level of congestion. The goal of these techniques is to free up the cavities, canals, and pathways so that things can flow down or up, whether its from the sinuses, lymph, and Eustachian tubes or up from the lungs and lower breathing pathways respectively.

2- Facilitating the body as a whole to drop tension so that the body can focus on what it needs to do:
As the immune system works harder to deal with viruses and bacteria it also manifests its increased workload by increasing tension and stiffness in your thoracic spine. I like to describe it as your way of telling yourself that you’re working hard. Sometimes coughing and sneezing can add another layer of tension and pain to areas of the back too. Something many chiropractors have observed is the ability for people to deal more effectively with the matter at hand when the tension pattern is reduced or removed. In my office I do this with Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractic Care.

Much like my approach to extremity/peripheral adjusting, if I use a direct manual approach I follow it up with a holistic integration with Network Spinal Analysis. Some people find that they only want the Network treatment and others like both, regardless it can be a great way to get things moving and help get some sleep. The one thing I suggest is to check in and see if there are babies scheduled to be in the treatment room around the same time or if there is an optimal time to come if you are feeling quite sick.

Hopefully you don’t need this article, and I’m happy to help if you do!

Be well,


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