First Appointment

Your first appointment is a private consultation.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Please have your forms completed before the appointment.  The forms take approximately 20-30 minutes to fill out and I have extra copies in the office if you don’t have a printer.  If you need to fill them out in my office, or need assistance, please let me know so we can schedule you to show up 30 minutes before your consultation.  Your first appointment starts with a review of your paperwork including your relevant medical history, your past health history, and any relevant matters as they arise.   This helps me understand what brings you to seek care, how I can best help you, and whether or not the care I provide is an appropriate fit for you.

When the history is complete, a physical assessment allows me to further evaluate your situation and to establish a baseline of your health information.  As your care progresses, this information helps me to monitor changes in your health and healing.

Once the history and assessment is complete, we’ll typically move to the treatment room to start your first treatment.

People often comment that their initial visit is unlike other consults they have had with a health care practitioner.  I allow a 1.5 hours for the initial consult and treatment and suggest that you allow 2 hours of parking time so your visit is not rushed.

I take my initial appointments at:

Tuesdays – 2pm

Wednesdays – 10am and 2pm

Thursdays – 10am and 2pm

To schedule an appointment, click here.