Kinesio Tape

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Kinesio Tape, also fondly known as ‘magic tape’, can be an excellent option to have in a variety of situations!

The clients that I have applied Kinesio Tape to have loved it. For starters it can effectively speed the healing of a bruise, making it go from purple to yellow in about 24hours. It can also really help reduce swelling and oedema.

Sometimes I like to use K-Tape to help a muscle fire better by using the tape in a facilitating manner. Essentially the tape shadows the muscles action. Interestingly Kinesio Tape can be used to facilitate a decrease in function (relaxation) or an increase in function (activation) of a muscle while providing support. This all depends on how it is being applied.

Apart from Kinesio Tape being hypo-allergenic, it is water-resistant and can be used on swimmers and lasts through showers if you dab instead of rub. Perhaps one of the nicest parts about Kinesio Tape is that it often doesn’t even seem like it is there.

We can also use Kinesio Tape to decrease range of motion as well. The most common instances of this are rib, ankle, and hand injuries ranging from contusions to sprains, strains, and even rib fractures).

With patella tracking issues (knee pain from your knee cap moving incorrectly), Kinesio Tape provides a great upgrade over traditional athletic tape because you can also help guide the rotation of the patella/knee cap.

The tape is definitely useful to performance athletes and regular folk alike.

Perhaps amazingly I have taken a full 2 day course on Kinesio Tape application and further classes on generic kinesiology tape application. All of that is in addition to years of athletic tape application for university and semi-pro sports teams and international invitational athletes from football (North American) to rugby, soccer, wrestling, basketball, Taekwondo.

If you have any questions, drop me a line.

Have fun out there!