NSA Level 2 Course

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Events | 0 comments

Westminster Colorado is a place where so many great Network Spinal Analysis courses and programs happen, and the NSA Level 2 course this last weekend took it to a new level!

With a new format focused on Level 2 of care and the season of Transform, the depth of theoretical and hands-on application was phenomenal! This new format is the beginning of the new teaching format to come and the passing of the torch for Donnie to be teaching this program.
As with everything in life a new beginning has emerged from the end of an old pattern, and I was truly honoured to be selected to work in Donald Epstein’s group for the hands-one portion of our course, for the last time he will teach it.
All of the courses I have taken from all of the instructors in Canada, Australia, and the United States have been excellent, and learning directly the creator of the technique has added a whole new level of clarity, certainty, connection, and precision.
To make it even better it was extra special to work with the glimpses of the new directions he is heading into and how that will enhance what we are already doing.
It was also exciting to see the biggest student chiropractor turnout at an advanced course yet, and it really isn’t a surprise since NSA has been added into the curriculum at some forward thinking schools.
I look forward to seeing you in the office and sharing my excitement and refinement with you!
Be well!