Run Bike Progression

by | May 14, 2016 | Baby | 0 comments

Run bikes offer a great progression for your little one and can be a great way to avoid using training wheels.

This video is a quick example from a Chiropractic perspective on how and when to use a run bike to get the best experience for your child and your back.

Important things to consider include bike geometry, air filled tires, seat height range, tire size, weight, and hand brakes.

We started Derek with a run bike before he could really touch the ground just to give him a feel of motion, balancing, banking, turning, bumps, hills, roots etc.  As his feet were able to touch, he naturally wanted to try propelling himself along and I spend less time stabilizing him.

Derek’s run bike progression will potentially lead him to a run bike with bigger wheels before he gets a pedal bike, we’ll see where he is physically and emotionally at next spring.  His next bike will definitely have at least one hand brake (a run bike will have one and a pedal bike will have two) so he can start learning that part of the progression as well.

Whether you are a keen cyclist yourself or you just want to create great opportunities for your child, run bikes are a fantastic way to learn to ride and spend time playing with your little one.

If you you or your little one needs help so you can both enjoy the riding experience, get in contact with me and I will be glad to help!

Enjoy the video and happy riding!