I am a licensed chiropractor in British Columbia and previously in Australia as well. With my Part 3 NSA (Network Spinal Analysis) Certification and attendance at 2-5 Network courses and programs a year, I am fully certified and currently trained in NetworkSpinal and Network Spinal Analysis chiropractic technique.

Based on research NetworkSpinal evolved from NSA, which is the technique that inspired me to become a chiropractor. As a Macquarie University Graduate, I am well trained in traditional manual adjusting chiropractic techniques: Diversified, Gonstead, Drop Piece, and Flexion Distraction.  My passion for paediatrics led me to study with the ICPA (International Chiropractic Paediatric Association) through which I maintain my Webster Certification, and to study other paediatric, child, and youth assessment, treatment, and care techniques.

Through my degrees, experience, and many additional courses, I am also well trained in passive and active muscle release techniques including Trigenics, Kinesio Taping, and sports taping, though in general I use these various manual techniques at sporting events or during activities and then follow up with NetworkSpinal at the office.

It is my belief that these traditional manual chiropractic techniques are great for facilitating continuing activity as it happens and peripheral/extremity injuries and that Network Care provides the opportunity to process, heal, and gain the opportunities for change and growth from the experience.  This way we are always developing and progressing holistically from the encounters of our lives.