Update about the Gate event

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Events | 0 comments

Feeling relaxed and energized, I have just returned from the Colorado Transformational Gate. The Gate is a weekend-long program where you experience 3 Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) sessions alternating with 3 Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) sessions each day.

The Transformational Gate is one of my favourite Donald Epstein programs. It is popular with chiropractors who practice NSA and it is also open to anyone receiving Network Care. I have always gone on the Labour Day long weekend and I stay for the third day of the program on the Monday. The three-day program is referred to as Healing Fest. This year the third day was called Awaken, and it consisted of another 2 sessions on the tables and 2 more SRI sessions with coursework that provided introspection, insight, and growth.

Each year, getting off the flight and onto the shuttle to the Westin Westminster is part of the routine. While I’m waiting for the shuttle I start meeting people who are on their way to the program and always enjoy the conversations. I often have a room overlooking the mountains, check-in, drop my bags, and then head to Whole Foods for supplies for the weekend. The hotel shuttle is now full of people from the program doing the same thing. The weekend tends to run 12 hour-long days, so it’s nice to have some healthy snacks, fruit, and veg to munch on.

Back at the hotel I might go for a mile-high run, have a nap to recover from my early flight, and then its dinner with people I have met at previous programs before the Friday night introduction talk with Donny. The talk will often inspire laughter, challenged perspectives, and inspiration, and I look forward to it each time.

Saturday starts bright and early and the flow of the session over the next two days follows the NSA Levels of Care and the corresponding SRI Stages of Healing, each session enhancing and building on the previous one. The group of approximately 300 people is split in two so that one group is getting NSA while the other is doing SRI.

Around ten docs work at approximately 40 tables, each doc usually managing 4 tables and there are SRI facilitators in the room to optimise integration of care.

By the end of the weekend I’ve found myself relaxed, connected, stretched, and expanded. Definitely something to look forward to every year!

For those who aren’t able to fly to Colorado or willing to wait until next Labour Day, NSA docs will get together to make a one day version of this experience called a Clear Day.  If you would like to be added to the interest list, let me know and I’ll get in touch with you next time we set something up.