These are some of my guiding philosophies:

-The human body is the best creation on the planet and it has the ability to do more than it is often given credit for.

-All of the systems of the body are interrelated, and through these systems one can affect the other systems and the whole being.

-Pain is the loudest symptom/communication system that the body has to create change.

-The Chiropractor’s role is to facilitate the body to increase its function, not to take away its communication system.  Coincidentally, as function increases people’s symptoms tend to change.  Either way, function takes precedent.

-You spend more time with you than your Dr will, so your progression is a team effort.

One of my favourite healthcare analogies:

-When the dog is barking, it is more effective to take the foot off of the dog’s tail then it is to try and hold its mouth shut.